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Summer Conference 2016: New technologies in nutrition research and practice
Date: 11 – 14 July 2016
Location: University College Dublin, Ireland

The use of mobile technologies to track dietary intake and physical activity are set to make significant impact in public health nutrition. For example, in recent years photographing food prior to consumption can be an effective method for dietary analysis, reducing reliance on self-report and recall.

The Nutrition Society have designed a packed programme including speakers from Australia, United States of America and various parts of Europe to cover key topics, including new technologies in dietary assessment, behaviour changes, molecular mechanisms and nutrigenomics. Emerging research around new technologies, including nutrigenomics approaches to enhance molecular phenotyping, the use of metabolomics in dietary biomarker discovery, and the use of epigenetics to understand gene-environment interactions will be discussed.

All speakers will concentrate on the influence and enhancement of new and emerging technologies, which are advancing nutrition research and application. Read the full programme here.

The conference will provide a unique platform to enable academics, nutrition researchers, PhD students, dieticians, nutritionists working within industry, health care professionals and those with an interest in learning about the applications of the latest technologies to nutrition research.

Find out more and register at - http://www.nutritionsociety.org/summer-conference-new-technology-nutrition-research-and-practice

Early bird registration deadline: 13 June